Guidelines for creating electronic music

Guidelines for creating electronic musicIn this article we decided write down some guiding principle on how to make electronic music covering such stuff as what hardware is requisite or recommended, what kind of music making software is needed.

There’s a lot of choice in hardware and software, numerous of ways to do things in production wise and as many arguments and differing opinions as there are producers. In this article we try to point you to the right direction in electronic music production.

Here is some recommendations:

Computer and Opearting System

Computer is certainly a must have hardware if you want to make electronic music. You can in point of fact produce fine music with any kind of recent computer or laptop. You also have a choice PC or Mac. This systems are usually used in many professional and home studios. You can make excellent music with both platforms and most of the music making software are available for both like FL Studio for PC or Logic Pro for Mac.

The thing is, you should pick a platform you’re already familiar with. If you’ve been using PC, stay with the PC. And vice versa.
That way, you don’t have to put time and effort on learning a completely new computer system and you can concentrate more on learning how to make the electronic music.

Studio monitor speakers and headphones

Even though for make music you may use however cheap headphones. Although we recommended used studio monitors. For the reason that studio monitors are specially made for audio production and they give an exact reproduction of the tonal qualities of the source audio. They tell you the fact what’s going on in your music in a terms of frequency.

MIDI keyboard controller

You might create many songs just by using mouse and computer keyboard. Many computer music software like FL Studio and Logic Pro lets you play music using your computer keyboard. Like having a virtual piano keyboard.

Nevertheless on the other hand, you get a totally different feel for playing melodies and controlling your audio software with a MIDI keyboard controller. For example, M-Audio Oxygen 61.

M-Audio Oxygen 61

Digital audio workstation

The digital audio workstation is an software environment where you actually create and compose the music. We recommend FL Studio for PC, and if you used Mac OS take a Logic Pro. Other good and well known digital audio workstation:

  • Ableton Live
  • Cubase
  • Sonar
  • Reason
  • Reaper

Audio editor

For all that most of the digital audio workstation have a basic set of tools for redaction audio, separate audio editor is recommended for editing samples and doing final adjustment for your songs like cutting, encoding to MP3 before you let them go public.

We recommend Sound Forge Audio Studio. It’s cheap even so versatile. There are free alternatives as like Audacity.

Sound Forge Audio Studio


You need a bunch of samples as well. Usually samples are used for drums, percussions, effects, etc.

So, now you may make the music. Start with the drums and bass.

It’s most skilfully to first build the drumgroove and beats. You can also use the ready made drumloops to help you to create your grooves. Doesn't matter what the style is going to be, with a cool drumgroove and beat it’s much easier to start to build a bass groove on top of it and other instruments as well. Keep in mind to make drums and bass work together. They’re one of the most important basics in any kind of electronic music that has a beat. Actually, you need to put a great effort on these two.

After this add the synth melodies.

This is where the VST synths come in usable. Start building a melody on top of the drums and bassgroove. Like mention earliest, many VST have several ready made quality preset sounds to start with. These will help you to get going. However we also recommend to experiment and twiddle and fiddle with the knobs, sliders and buttons and see what happens. You can succeed up with some really original and wild stuff just by experiment with the different parameters in your synths.

Lets start mixing!

To mixing dance music you need give most power to the drums. Bassdrum to be strict. In most electronic music, drums are the element that should be heard clearly.

Then, according to drums, level the bass and other instruments. Used drums as the basis for how mix other instruments in the track. Just make sure drums are punchy and loud enough and if some other instrument is trying to compete with drums, equalize the low out a bit or simply drop down the level of that instrument. You should use the drums like a exemplar to make other instruments fit in to the mix.

Mixing is one of the most hardest part in music making. It’s something you won’t learn for the one day. There’s a lot to study: how to use eq, compression, limiter, reverb etc. It takes quite a lot practice and error to make mixes sound decent.

But dont’ worry, not impossible task! Good luck!