Make music with FL Studio

Many FL Studio functions can be fully automatic, freeing up producers to make changes, alterations or patch and plug track elements and effects from other sources. From single vocals to full ensembles, FL Studio can stand its ground, seeing the sound from instrument to MIDI controller, to recorded and exported audio file.

With its 64-channel mixer, the amount of audio data that can be mixed in is profoundly vast. In fact, each track can hold up to 8 effects, making it possible to create wall of sound, like maximized tracks from your computer.

FL Studio include a "Riff Machine", which can dynamically generate musical ideas if you’re stuck for inspiration. Delivers more intelligent routing and MIDI control, and a really gorgeous vocoder.

This program makes sequencing and arranging track elements fairly easy. Like all music production software programs, it takes some getting used to, but with FL Studio, that learning curve is substantially reduced by easy to use features like the Edison wave editor, Wave candy, SpliceX, Slip resizing tool and others designed to expedite the editing process.

Here we recommend some techniques to make music in FL Studio:

1) Swishing Effects

There are many ways you can make those and incorporate in your music. One way is to get a static sample, like from a TV when you put it on a channel that doesn't work.

First way is taking a 3xOsc, opening up the menu for that and put all three of the osc's on the static symbol. Than loop it and play that in a loop for as long as you need. Then put it on an FX channel and tag a EQ, then obliterate all bass signals by lowering all of the low frequencies.

Swishing Effects

After that add a lowpass filter and run it through the song by pressing "Record" button. Then stop it when your finished and turn off the "Record" button. Now play it must filter through the track automatically, you have just done a live recording. Add a few delay and a touch of anything else you might want. You have just made that swishing effect.

2) Tweaking Loops

Put the loop on an FX channel and and add some delay, just a slight delay. Possibly if you want open up that EQ and do some EQing.

3) Play Synths

If you want some trance type synth, you need pull out the 3xOsc, add it to a channel and start tweaking. Maybe you want an average synth line. Just go to "Options" at the top of the screen and go to "General Settings".

Take an average bassline and turn up the "AMP" at the bottom of the menu of that sample, then put it on an FX channel, and eliminate all the bass. Hike up the mids and highs and don't forget that compressor, you'll most likely need it to keep it from blur.Now you've turned an average bassline into a glorious electric synth. If you want to, put the bass back in that sample and it doubles as a synth and bassline.